Ankle buckling is an unstable condition of the ankle joint that gives a feeling of 'giving way' or that the ankle has suddenly lost its stability. It is actually a protective response of the ankle and its surrounding tissues, to prevent further damage of the ankle joint.


Ankle locking is more often seen in cases of injured ankle joints but certain bone and joint disorders may also contribute to it. It is caused by the movement of a muscle or tendon over a bony structure in the ankle. Walking may occasionally cause the ankle to lock or buckle, potentially causing the ankle to turn out or in.


Buckling of ankle is characterized by a sensation of popping or locking of the ankle joint that makes it impossible to move and obvious to stop movement. It may also cause pain and weakness that interfere with activities like walking, running or getting up from a chair. This specifically affects the weight bearing on the affected ankle joint and person cannot put weight on the joint.

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