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Get To Know The Causes And Symptoms Of Shoulder Dislocation

Date :27-Aug-2018

What is a dislocated shoulder? It is an injury where the upper arm bone comes out of the cup-shaped socket which is actually a part of the shoulder blade. The shoulder is one of the most mobile and movable part of the body which often gets dislocated if sudden accidents occur. Shoulder dislocation needs immediate professional assistance. But how would you actually know whether the shoulder is dislocated or not? Following are the list of symptoms which will help you to identify whether your shoulder is dislocated or not:

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Symptoms of shoulder dislocation

  • Extreme pain in the shoulder area and hands.
  • The shoulder will look deformed or out of place.
  • Immediate swelling will occur.
  • The shoulder area might get red fluffy.
  • Inability to move the shoulder.

Sometimes shoulder dislocation can also cause tingling or numbness around the shoulder area. Apart from the bone dislocation, your muscles around the shoulder area can also get affected if you fall or get any kind of sports injury.

As shoulder is one of the most delicate bones of the body, you should definitely go for the best treatment. Don’t waste your time by searching for the treatment. Dr. Bharani Kumar Dayanandam, the best orthopedic surgeon in Tamil Nadu will help you. He provides the best shoulder dislocation treatment in Chennai

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When can your shoulder dislocate?

Shoulder is one of the most injury prone areas of the body as it can be moved in any directions. What happens is that if the shoulder gets twisted or moved in some wrong direction it might get displaced. As a result at times the tissues and fibres in those areas can also get torn or stretched, making the matter worse.

Dislocation mainly occurs due to:

  • Sudden falls
  • Any sort of trauma
  • Sports related injuries

Where should you go?

Shoulder injury should never be ignored. One of the best orthopaedic specialist in Chennai is Dr. Bharani Kumar Dayanandam. He along with his team uses the best infrastructure and technology to provide the best services to patients from all over the world. He is famous for the shoulder joint surgery in India.

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