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Pros and Cons of Osteotomy

Date :13-Nov-2019

Osteotomy is a surgical procedure preferred by young adults to postpone knee replacement surgeries for many years. It is a surgery that cuts and reshapes arthritis affected bone. Osteotomy, in its literal translation, means “cutting of the bone.” The procedure is either performed to repair the damaged joint or to shorten or lengthen the deformed bone.During the knee osteotomy procedure, either the tibia or femur is cut or reshaped to take off the pressure from the damaged side of the knee. The main aim of the knee osteotomy is to shift off the body weight from the injured area to the healthy part of the knee.

The procedure is an excellent option for active young patients who have pain only one side of the knee, i.e., unilateral knee arthritis and who can fully straighten the knee and bend it at least 90o without experiencing severe pain. People with knee pain caused due to overweight or physical activity are also considered.

The procedure has its pros and cons depending on the patients need and condition that includes:

  • During the procedure, the ligament of the knee joint is well preserved
  • The procedure helps to delay the progression of osteoarthritis
  • Osteotomy postpones the need for the joint replacement for a more extended period
  • The procedure is better than knee replacement, where the entire knee has to be replaced with prosthetics.
  • The procedure allows the patients to perform high-intensity workouts without much problem that might be not possible in replacement surgeries.
  • It improves the function and mobility of the affected joint
  • It reduces the pain level that is brought by the disease flare-up


  • The procedure requires more healing time
  • Patients should use crutches for a couple of weeks during the healing period
  • Having osteotomy can make later knee replacement more challenging
    Infection in the bone region
  • Failure of the pieces of bone to knit together
  • During the procedure, the surrounding nerves or blood vessels around the knee might be damaged

To know in detail regarding the osteotomy procedure and to find out if you are a suitable candidate, visit Dr.Bharani Kumar Dayanandam, an eminent orthopedic surgeon at Chennai Orthopaedics.

Blog Reviewed By: Dr. Bharani Kumar Dayanandam
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